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The M20 Learning Trust (formly known as the the Beaver Road Academy Trust) converted as a multi-academy trust (MAT) in November 2013.

The trust is a sponsoring academy which gives the trust capacity to take responsibility for managing other school should it be asked to and should it choose to do so.

M20 Learning trust believes in the transformational and life-enhancing power of education, in children’s rights and the values of respect, dignity and non-discrimination  We respect people of all faiths and none.  We believe in honesty, respect for the law and service to our communities.  We are committed to sustainability.

Our aims are:

  • To promote a rich and exciting curriculum that enables our pupils to develop and thrive in a safe environment

  • To achieve strong progress in educational and life outcomes regardless of background

  • To encourage creativity, participation in the performing arts and other enrichment activities

  • To have strong and strategic leadership at all levels

  • To aim for and achieve excellence in professional learning and development

  • To promote mental and physical health

  • To grow the trust so that it becomes a thriving collaboration of schools which creates opportunities for our students and staff, raise aspirations and inspire excellence



Maximising potential through quality education and aspiration for all

What is excellence? The M20 Learning Trust believes that excellence is shaped by culture and recognises that every school has a different starting point. Using research-based practices and approaches, we support individual schools to develop a framework for success.

We have a track record of supporting schools to identify their own area of strengths and development and have helped them implement the best strategies for improvement.

Examples vary from designing an exciting and engaging curriculum, through to achieving financial stability and creating sustainable approaches. This is essential for thriving, happy schools where everyone can learn and grow.  

We stand by equity and equality of opportunities for all. For children, this means meeting their individual needs, and creating an inclusive environment so that those who may be disadvantaged or have special learning needs are always provided for. Specifically for staff, we ensure that everyone is fully supported and equipped to manage their role in a demanding school environment. This includes training, coaching, mentoring and access to tailored employee benefits.

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Working together to improve childrens lives

“Celebrating marvellous mistakes”. Everyone learns from their experience. That’s why genuine, authentic, and honest relationships are at the heart of our ethos - excellence can only be embedded through a culture of trust.

Positive role models, continuous professional development, the opportunity to network within the Trust, supported by effective communication, systems, policies and procedures provides everyone with the foundation to be their best.

We also emphasise the importance of setting clear expectations for children and teachers alike. This creates a secure and experimental learning environment where everyone can grow.

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Respect for ourself, others and the environment

Life is all about relationships. We appreciate and accept everyone is different, shaped by their cultural heritage, life experiences, motivations and choices. We believe that by celebrating difference we strengthen our ability to achieve more and attain excellence.

We value and understand the different perspective and expertise everyone can contribute to the success of the Trust. Therefore, we will purposefully bring people together who can positively influence the outcomes on a local, national and global scale.

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